The Sagittarius Man: Learn His Secrets to Conquer His Heart

If you have set your eyes on a man from this astrological sign, you will have your work cut out. This man can be great fun and he is very charming, but he's a player, an adventurer, a freedom-seeker, a socialite, always on the move in one way or another.
This type of man has the need to explore thus meeting new people, new territories and making new experiences. If you are a homebody who likes a simple, quiet, un-glamorous life (away from all those 'frills'), you may find that this type of man may be a challenge for you; he will take you out of your comfort zone and, for a while, you will have great fun and excitement; but, in the long run, it may get tiresome for you.
Beware of the double nature 'lurking' behind this type of man, because you may at first meet one 'side' but not the other, which may surface soon or even after several years, catching you by surprise: on one hand he may be a conformist, a 'regular middle-class' guy who follows the rules of society in every aspect. On the other hand, he may be an anarchic, a rebel, wandering about like a 'bad boy'. You may experience both these types in phases which can vary in length; it has been knows that some typical Sagittarius men, after years of conservative family life have 'packed it in' and become 'free spirits', at times looking for either the love of their life or adventure after adventure, in a life full of wondrous quests. Some other typical Sagittarius men, on the other hand, after years of being the 'bad boy' finally decided to seek one companion for life and settle for a very typical 'family life'.
When this type of man is in love he may be the stereotypical (immature) male who idealizes love and romance; this is why he is likely to believe (and make you believe) that you are (at least for the moment) the most interesting, exciting, marvellous, beautiful woman in the whole world. Because this is what he needs to think (that you are absolutely the best in the world), he is attracted to experienced, 'mature' (at least in their behaviour) women; so, if you want to entice this type of man, you must shed silliness and girl-like behaviour and, instead, embrace womanhood, mystery, intelligence and emotional maturity. You must be self-confident (without being vain) and emanate sex-appeal and energy: this type of man responds well to these traits. Because he tends to think that every relationship is a step forward towards his emotional maturity and fulfillment, he tends to have a 'utilitarian' rather than 'creative' approach to relationships, in that he may get bored easily and move on to the next 'step' or 'adventure'. If you want to 'stick around' you may have to create emotional challenges for him from now to eternity to keep him guessing and interested.
Whilst he is dating you and in love with you, he is full of energy and will definitely make you feel energized and excited; he is definitely generous, appreciative and courteous; he may buy you a series of gifts or take you to expensive or exciting holidays, trying to sweep you off your feet.
Whilst he is enamored with you, this is the time for you to create your 'strategy' to make him want you over and over and never get bored with you. It's a huge job, but if you want to undertake it, you must become like a 'beautiful, exotic country' which he wants to explore, discover over and over, a terrain full of surprises and changes, even challenges, as long he has never time to feel 'bored'. I would suggest to becoming more involved with yourself, your many projects, your own life discoveries, so that in turn you become a lot more interesting to him, over and over. As far as looks are concerned, you may want to change your appearance every now and then just to be a 'new woman' when the time comes and you feel he's in need of a new challenge. The best seduction techniques for the astrological sign and the 'strategy' to conquer will ensure you will win whilst pursuing this man.

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