Poker Position Concept and Tips

Expert Author Pankaj Diya Gupta
The position is one of the most important aspects about the game of poker as it will probably have bigger implications on the results than one can imagine. Even if a player will have a good set of cards but a bad position can still lead to a loss eventually. Similarly, having a bad set of cards can ensure success if the poker position is correct. Let us have a review about some of the favorable positions in a game of poker:
  • The position which counts the greatest significance is when a player is on the dealer's button. This is perhaps because this position is very precious and it is difficult to get into this one and it is by far the best position that can be offered to a player in a game of poker. However, a player should try to make the most of the cards which are allocated while being in this position.
  • The second poker position tip which helps to increase the gains is making the size of the bet as big as possible. However, this is possible as long as the player is at the dealer's button and there are many people who are callers to the pot. At least, this strategy will ensure that there will be callers always. Moreover, it will be easy and convenient to increase the pot size by following this strategy at the dealer's button.
  • The worst thing is to be at the position of the blind. Whether it is about the small blinds or big blinds, by remaining in this position, a player can be most certain to be up each time particularly in an early position.
  • The last tip states that a player can actually droop in from the blinds if there are no contenders for the pot and the amount of bet is small too. The reason for the same can be that the player has already put in some money in the pot. However, the most important thing to be considered by the player in this position is to strike a flop harder than ever or else can fold.
The poker position concept states that the players are categorized on the basis of the time on which they are going to carry out their acts which may be early or late. The early position player constitutes the small blinds, big blinds and the under-the-dog-players. On the other hand, the dealer, the player at the cut off position and the one seated two places towards the right of the dealer are late position players and the rest of the lot can be included in the middle position. However, the position of the player will certainly go a long way in improving the game.

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