Know All About All Time Famous William Wordsworth

Who can forget the beautiful words of his evergreen poems? Whether it be The Prelude or To my Sister, each of his poems leave an everlasting impression on readers. Yes, he was the man of words and often played with them beautifully-William Wordsworth is the poet we are talking about. Although he requires not much introduction, it is relevant to share it right here.
William Wordsworth was among the most famous poets in the 19th century. Belonged to England, Wordsworth's life has so many interested features to be shared here.
His Personal Life
Wordsworth was born in the Lake District of northwestern England on April 7, 1770 and died on April 23, 1850. Though he was orphaned at early age, he managed to complete his studies from Saint John's College, University of Cambridge. He married Mary Hutchinson in 1802 and had five children.
His Hidden Love
While Wordsworth was on his tour to Revolutionary France in November 1791 and joined Republican movement, he fell deeply in love with a charming French woman, a French woman, Annette Vallon, who gave birth to his child the very next year. However, as Wordsworth was short of money and there was huge tension between Britishers and French people, he has to leave the place alone the next year. But he never stayed back from his responsibility towards Annette and the child and did all he could for them throughout his life. Even after getting married to his childhood friend, Mary; he was never flipped from his duties towards these two people.
His Unmatchable Talent
Wordsworth was a pioneer of Romanticism with introduction of creative and unique novel poetic theories and practices.
Although the list of his popular works is endless, we mention some of his evergreen works here:
· The Excursion in 1814
· Ecclesiastical Sketches in 1822
· The Prelude in 1850
Did You Know About All this?
· Wordsworth suffered from a diseases called anosmia where a person losing his ability to smell.
· Although Wordsworth initiated writing when he was in school, no single work of his was published till 1793.
· He could feel the popularity and fame of his most famous work "The Prelude" in his life. It was actually published after his death.
Finally, we close this Man's commendable story by saying his famous quote, "Nature never did betray the heart that loved her." Truly, the essence of Wordsworth could still be felt in nature.

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