How to Develop Your Character Voice

You've been told a thousand times that you should market those quirky voices you love to use, that you have such an "animated sound". What does that even mean? After all, you're just being you...right? There's a high demand for character voices from radio to video games to accents. Learn how to bring out those amazing sounds and develop your character voice. Luckily, it's pretty simple if you follow a few easy tips.
Character Voice Uses
Character voices are everywhere. In fact, if you stop and think about it, you've probably heard over a dozen already today. Some of the best can be found in the entertainment world, including cartoons, e-cards, toys, games, website flash and pretty much anywhere where there is fun, color and voice. So you can see, there is more to character voice than Bart Simpson or Bugs Bunny.
Make the Most of Your surroundings
Everywhere you look there is another potential character just waiting to be born. In fact, most well known character voices were actually inspired from real life people. Think about the friendly bartender around the corner or the happy go lucky cashier clerk at the local quick mart. These are diamonds in the rough. Use your surroundings as motivation for developing your voice.
Learn to Layer Characteristics
One of the easiest ways to develop a successful character voice is to layer some of the more quirky or unique character traits of some of the most interesting people you know. For instance, your Aunt Jane has some solid opinions about life. She adds flavor to every conversation, taking the most normal situation and turning it on its end. Remember, humor does not have to be the primary component to your voice. It can be as simple as cool, level headed judgment in the face of stress or quirky behavior. Play around with some of the most memorable personality traits of the people you know and try to imagine one character with layered characteristics.
Get Emotional
Okay, before you stop reading, hear this out. Sometimes if you give yourself the chance to become emotionally invested in your character, you can develop it more fully. In other words, get in touch with how they feel, what makes them tick and notice how your character voice comes to life. Immerse yourself into the life of your character and develop a powerful, convincing voice that will not be forgotten. Again, a good character voice doesn't always have to be funny. In fact, a successful voice is built on a "character" and not simply a voice. Develop your character emotionally and let the rest come naturally.
Developing a great character voice is more than luck. Learn the tricks to build a successful voice that will be remembered. Make the most of your surroundings by using everyday people for motivation, layer some of the quirky, unique characteristics of some of your favorite people and let your emotions take you deeper into your character. Follow these tips and develop a strong powerful voice that is sure to delight.

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