How Developed Are You Compared To The Traits Of Your Astrology Star Sign?

You are born into a particular astrology star sign which identify with certain traits but how developed are the characteristic of your astrology sign in you. Some of you may say yes but I am nothing like the traits of my star sign. For example a person born under the star sign Virgo is expected to have an analytical character and being a bit of a perfectionist who is very tidy and organized. But the Virgo person does not always feel he/she fit into that character and you may wonder why that is.
It may come as a surprise to you but all Virgos have not necessarily developed these qualities yet but are here to learn. The other explanation can be that they have other very powerful signs and planets in strong positions in their horoscope which can have such a dominating influence that it overpowers the astrological sun sign.
We are not all developed to the same level and some of are born with the qualities of their astrological sun sign and it is second to their nature while others need to develop the traits of their sun sign. But the abilities are there and once they learn how to discipline themselves and tune into their individual qualities it will become more natural to them.
So why are some young kids able to play the piano like a professional adult who have played the piano and practiced for years to become a wonderful pianist? That is simply a fascinating topic to speculate on. Do those kids happen to be born with a superior talent or can there be another explanation for this?
And some young kids are able to paint wonderful paintings like a highly skilled artist and they can't paint them fast enough to meet the demand there is for their paintings. People are waiting to buy them and willing to pay well for them.
Many astrologers believe in reincarnation and that the talents that we have developed in a past lifetime are something we bring with us in to this lifetime. And that could be a good explanation for how those young kids can be so talented that it just about blows our mind as to how they are able to carry out such mature performances in their young age.
So if you are wondering why you do not identify with the astrology star sign you are born under then there might be a much deeper explanation to it than you have anticipated in the past. Your horoscope will give you a fairly good idea as to what level you have developed your astrology star sign.

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