External RF Modulator: Make Your Old TV Come Alive With It

So you are all set to enter the virtual world of tremendous excitement with your newly bought game machine. Right? But what if your old television does not support S-Video or RCA input; all it has is only a coaxial cable input at the back? How then will you connect your game machine to your television?
You need an external RF modulator for the purpose. What's an external RF modulator? Well, it is a device to convert the multiple audio and video outputs of the latest media machines - DVD players, gaming devices - to a single coaxial input to be used by a television that has no multiple input jacks.
RF, or Radio Frequency, modulators are available in the range of 10 to 40 dollars. They have either multiple inputs with switching ability or single inputs for one-to-one connectivity. So now there is a hope for your old television. New toys after all can be connected to it.
An RF modulator does make it possible for the latest equipment to run on your old television. However, the demodulation of the television by the external RF modulator results in poor picture quality. In fact, with the growing popularity of high-def, digital televisions, RF modulators are losing their utility and becoming obsolete. But then, who recommended an RF modulator for such a television? They come into picture only when you have an old television.
A multi channel external RF modulator can also be used with DVD players. Apart from allowing your DVD player to work on your television, it also enables you to run a VCR and such other devices as DVR, or Apple TV simultaneously, on the same television. All the devices use different frequencies or channels and the outputs are fed into the audio/video inputs of the modulator. Whenever you tune your television to the channel to which you have set your DVD player, it will access only the DVD. And whatever the device you are tuned in broadcasts, appears on your television screen. When you are using a CATV system, certain frequencies have to be blocked by the notch filters and the high and low passes. Otherwise, the device in use on the proper channel will not be able to provide a clear signal.
An audio RF modulator is also available on the market. They find frequent use in cars having FM radios and CD players. Here too the sound quality is not very good and many a time frequency consistency may be disturbed.
Although with the latest audio and video systems, external RF modulator is losing relevance, yet it still has a use with our DVD players. So, bring one and hook up to your television to enjoy your favorite movies.

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