Elements of a Perfect Character Design

Many of us like to create character designs which can represent our unique and creative ideas. Unfortunately, sometimes, we, that includes me, encounter problems in creating the design that best suits the characters we have to create. Basically, we just overlook the important details that should be considered. So, let's try to review the elements that is essential in visualizing our characters.
  • YOU MUST HAVE A STORYLINE. If you want to know how your characters look like, you must know the story that revolves about each character. Try to breakdown the details regarding your storyline and make sure you know what your story is all about. For example, if one character was brought up to be a thief or outlaw, then you will have an idea of what type of clothes, built, weapons, and personality he or she has.
  • YOU MUST HAVE A SETTING. The setting determines what kind of place, the technology and time period the characters are in. (Sometimes, you can just create your own unique setting). For example, your storyline is based on a magical epic which has no modern elements included. From this, you can visualize the type of design that will really suit the garments, armor, weapons and other elements that will personify your character.
  • KNOW YOUR COLORS. Yes, knowing your colors is important. Each color projects a lot of meanings and this could also describe the character as a person. The hair color of the character is specifically important because this could really give your characters an identity. Other important elements that needs detail (regarding colors) are: eye color, clothing color, skin color and setting color. For example, black is a mysterious and dark color and is usually used on characters with a dark side, mysterious beings, quiet types and even villains.
  • GET SOME INSPIRATION. Sometimes, we need that certain "kick" to get our creative juices going. Inspiration can come from different things, thoughts or people. In my case, I play RPG games and watch lots of anime with a fantasy/ magical theme to help me develop more ideas regarding my characters.
  • Another helpful thing is having a buddy who also designs his/her characters. By this, you can show your sketches and get some feedback which can improve your designs. This can also somehow trigger your competitive instinct and you will draw or visualize more. (Yay!)
  • EXPERIMENT, EXPERIMENT! Create sketches and gather more ideas. You don't get the perfect design at the first try. It's all about sketching and sketching until you feel that your design is perfect. Don't be afraid to experiment and try other elements. Be unique and express your creativity through the designs you create.

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