Easy Methods to Draw Fantasy Art

Have you ever wondered why dogs bark with an unusual sound that gives a very uneasy feeling during the night? Or taught of creepy creatures hiding in the dark? We frequently heard of them from ghost stories and feared their appearance in televisions. They could be real and frighten you at the same time or maybe just a fantasy, brought to life by individuals with wide imaginations. Most fantasy creatures are feared because of their violence referred to as beasts, but you can also find some which are considered to be good ang helpful. Thumbelina, Thinker Bell, Peter Pan and fairy god mother sure don't scare us.
Fantasy is often a dimension created by or originated from a wide imagination that separates real from enchanted. It is generated from the mind to make an imaginative picture as well as form an attractive fantasy creature. Generally, it is an art work by imagination of great writers, ancient myths, movie makers and artists. But don't worry because there isn't any exception of having a fantasy art, for we can also form these fantasy creatures just by using our wide imagination and putting our self to the whole world of fantasy. Now, in this section, I will help you to draw these imaginative creatures that form in your thoughts and putting this in paper sketching in its enchanted form.
Get started with preferred fantasy art in your mind. Brilliant ideas are the source of extraordinary outputs, unbelievable things and sometimes stuffs that blow other people's mind. Try to think of anything that is unrealistic or unusual; beast with six feet or perhaps a talking car. Another way of doing this is by allowing un-living objects or animals to have any human attributes. Make an effort to distort animals or object's appearance or combining their parts to form your own mystery character. Now that you've got these imaginative kinds of these creatures I your thoughts like changing the parts of existing animals and form a new variation of new creature, sketch it in a way of free style with a general form with an accurate proportion. Imagine the shapes of the body of the creatures that is in your mind and its pose. Don't limit your mind in combining different parts of a creature and not only just the upper portion of the body or the lower part but include also its small parts.
After the outline, skinned up the structures simply by forming different shapes onto it after which, flesh it up with muscles based on what you've imagine. But not only the muscular appearance or the physical form of any object, animal or human is being improved to make a new discovery but also its surroundings. Any detail that we can see on our drawing is use to classify it as a fantasy art. (This includes the way how characters are being dressed-up with unfamiliar garments or devices and the setting or the background of the sketch as well|This consists of the way in which the characters have been dressed-up with unfamiliar garments or devices and the setting or the background of the sketch too}.
In the end, the thing that you need to do to finalize your master piece is applying what you've learned on shading. Through reading my previous articles, we learned that one method of unlocking your talents in drawing is actually learning the most basic element of sketching: "shading". Being done by providing depth and contrast on every object of your drawing means that you are finished with it, you will then be surprised by your personal artwork.
Humans use 20% of their brain and look what we've got, couple of mystery figures, characters of untold stories and places no person has evr been before. We need not a 100% of intellect to create our own, what we should use is only a fraction of our own creativity and imagination.

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