Various Forms Of Mixed Media Artwork

Use of mixed media was a significant emerging trend in the advancement of early twentieth century art. According to art history scholars like Clement Greenberg, cubist collage first started to be employed by painters such as Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque around 1911. Picasso made his very first mixed media piece, "Still Life with Chair Caning," in 1912. This daring work involved oil, oilcloth, and paste paper to imitate chair caning on the canvas. Breaking away from hundreds of years of painting traditions, artists were now showing objects three-dimensionally from different sides and perspectives.
Collage art means the entire process of cutting and pasting paper, ribbons, photos, buttons or other objects to make a work of art. A collage may be created on canvas, paper and even wood. Collage artists can also combine painting and drawing techniques to create a mixed media artwork. Professional and aspiring artists often make a collage with all the goal of selling the finished design, as an artwork. The artist can start with a blank white-colored canvas or a piece of wood, whichever will provide the artist a final piece that he or she can hang on a wall. The final design will have an over-all theme, pulled from several different resources. Many mixed media collage pieces have an abstract or modern feel, frequently incorporating several different photos, words or various shapes into a single design.
This kind of mixed media art involves several different types of media, combined together. The artist might choose to use decorated paper, newspaper, magazine cuttings, or even newspaper as a base for the piece. To give the mixed media collage piece more depth, the artist might put various layers of oil and acrylic based paints, markers, pens, charcoal, or even pencil drawings. A number of artists also add thicker materials, such as glass or modelling clay, in order to make the piece "pop out" from the canvas.
Contemporary scrapbooks also usually depict a mixed media collage. The crafter will start with a number of pieces of designer paper that have been cut to fit into a square or rectangular page. After that, the crafter will add photographs, paper mementos, newspaper clippings, or other things that makes a special memory. He/she will then finalize the page by putting more layers of designer paper to provide the page a mixed media collage effect. Several scrapbooks go over just blending paper with pictures and feature three-dimensional effects. For instance, the crafter may add a line of brads or buttons on the bottom of the page. Lace, ribbon, or felt could possibly be glued around the photographs. Many crafters also add small things, like sea shells, beads, jewels, or three-dimensional stickers at random all over the scrapbook page. These types of scrapbook pages utilize the photos as a focus but also have several other details that draw the attention.
Installation art is an additional type of mixed media artwork that incorporates the surroundings and sometimes viewer participation. The goal of this particular art is to change a viewer's experience of a specific environment, such as a room or public space. Installation art often incorporates different media, which can consist of painting and sculpture to video presentations or sound recordings. In addition, it is often on a larger scale than traditional collages or sculptures.

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